11 mars 2010

Moschino...au vent

Je suis toujours conquise par les vitrines de Moschino: mélange très réussi de sobriété, élégance et humour. Une seule silhouette sublimée au milieu des cerf-volants...en noir et blanc.
Moschino windows always surprise me! They are a perfect mix of elegance, sobriety and humor. Here, there are just one single suit with many kites in black and white.
Moschino - Rue de Grenelle - Paris - March 2010

2 commentaires:

The Writing Instinct a dit…

In preparing for my trip to Paris at at the end of May, I have mental images of me visiting art galleries and museums...these window dressings are clearly another form of art I cannot go past whilst I am in Paris. I will check in regularly on your blog to stay updated. Thank you so much!


ParisBreakfasts a dit…

I love that...
a perfect mix of elegance, sobriety and humor...describes so well The French Way!