1 sept. 2014

H& M in black and white

H& M is now celebrating Fashion Week with black and white displays...outside and inside...
Take a special look at the enormous wigs!!!!! They give an amazing fashion touch !

H&M Champs Elysées Paris - September 2014

Back to school with BHV Marais

You will find whatever you need to go back to school into the new BHV Marais windows....
Enormous paper clips, giant rulers, pencils, protractors and set squares seem to be all you need to go and study....Cashmere is also the star to begin this new month! 
Traditional theme for these new displays....waiting for the Anthropologie opening....

BHV Marais - Paris - September 2014

28 juil. 2014

Ladurée Holiday!

Happy Summer Holiday!
MesvitrinesNYC will be back on August 26th.

Ladurée - Paris - July 2014

25 juil. 2014

Ralph Lauren spirit forever

Ralph Lauren - Paris - July 2014

24 juil. 2014

Super heroes at Berlutti and Paul Smith

Berlutti - Paul Smith - Paris - July 2014

23 juil. 2014

Bonpoint Winter flowers

Winter is also coming at Bonpoint: boys and girls are surrounded by these light little white and yellow flowers ....it s so romantic!

Bonpoint - Paris -July 2014

22 juil. 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Winter 14

Giant colorful and elegant umbrellas for the first Dolce & Gabbana Winter displays...

Dolce & Gabbana - Paris - July 2014