27 nov. 2014

Noel à Paris - Dior Kids

Let s stay with children and have a look at the Dior displays.Huge Christmas bawls invaded the windows  to launch the Holiday Collection...dresses, jackets, ballerinas are ready to to be worn for the upcoming celebration. These bawls also remind us it's time to decorate the Christmas tree!

Dior Kids - November 2014 - Paris

26 nov. 2014

Children at Bon Marché

Le Bon Marché - November 2014 - Paris

25 nov. 2014

The reindeers are at Bon Marché

Let's start our Holiday window tour with the reindeers inside Le Bon Marché... 
Nice way to start this Christmas atmosphere....

 Reindeers on the top...
 Reindeers at the first floor in the middle of the accessories....
 Reindeers at La Galerie Imaginaire to welcome you!
 And finally, reindeers at the third floor with Winter clothes...perfect companions!
White , gold or in a red printed logo...choose yours! 
So, does Le Bon Marché want to catch children attention again? 
Or do they want to make us go back to childhood? 

Le Bon Marché - November 2014 - Paris

24 nov. 2014

Créations et Savoir Faire Show - Windows

Let's start this Holiday Window Season paying a tribute to a special show: Créations et Savoir Faire.
You can find there tons of ideas and even peculiar displays... Let's take a look!


Wonderful displays for special  fabrics

Thanks to Anne-Gaelle for inviting me. 
 Créations et Savoir Faire - November 2014 - Paris

18 nov. 2014

Gucci NYC

Last walk on NYC streets to enjoy the Gucci displays...
Amazing pink coat for the women and yellow touch for men.
Going back to Paris to discover the Holiday windows!

Gucci - NYC - November 2014

17 nov. 2014

Anthropologie NYC

Anthropologie for ever! 
They always have amazing displays and I'm still a big fan of them.
Gold color from one window to another...

Anthropologie NYC - November 2014

15 nov. 2014

Polo Ralph Lauren - NYC

Ralph Lauren seems to be the star at Saks Fifth Avenue... 
I have always been a big fan of the designer atmospheres. 
It looks like been a a nice sweet home...

Saks Fifth Avenue- Ralph Lauren - NYC - November 2014