14 avr. 2014

Hermès white windows

Hermès white windows are amazing! Can you imagine a white set with white products? So, take a look at all these displays and dream of a white world. 
White is an elegant color that matches perfectly the famous brand...
And in front of the flagship....black...come back tomorrow to discover it!

Hermès - Paris - April 2014

9 avr. 2014

Loewe Tree windows

Have you ever tried to hid bags into trees? Loewe has done it!
Take an enormous white  tree and display some bags. It's surprising, isn't it?
A good way to make people stop and look for the famous items.

Loewe - Paris - April 2014

8 avr. 2014

Dolce & Gabbana antique coins

Amazing antique coins invaded the Dolce & Gabbana windows on Avenue Montaigne...
On the ground, the stones display fabulous unique shoes.

Dolce& Gabbana - Paris - April 1014

7 avr. 2014

Dior children windows

Blue sky on the back, silver sones and hanging clothes: a simple and sober display for Dior Children on Avenue Montaigne.

Baby Dior - Paris - April 2014

6 avr. 2014

Lacoste paddle windows

A traditional display for the Lacoste flagship: blue, red, white and paddles.
Take a look at the new way to write Lacoste on the sides.

Lacoste - Paris - April 2014