19 sept. 2011

MesVitrinesNYC 4 years old

MesVitrinesNYC was born in September 2007: Today, it is four years old. Here is the first window I shot...At that time, I didn't really know how to take pictures!

Let's have a look at the most wonderful windows...in New York, London and Paris
New York September 2007: JCrew
New York September 2007: Anthropologie
New York October 2007: Bergdorf
New York November 2007: Barneys
New York December 2007 : Henri Bendel
New York January 2008: Rugby
New York February 2008: Juicy Couture
New York April 2008: Saks Fifth Avenue
New York May 2008: Paul Smith
New York June 2008: Saks Fifth Avenue
New York September 2008: Barneys
London November 2008: Harrods
New York December 2008: Bergdorf
New York December 2008: Barneys
Paris February 2009: Bonpoint
Paris March 2009: Repetto
Paris April 2009: Le Bon Marché
Paris May 2009: Galeries Lafeyette
Paris July 2009: Lanvin
Paris September 2009: Le Printemps
Paris October 2009: Le Printemps
Paris November 2009: Galeries Lafayette
London December 2009: Selfridges

Paris January 2010: Hermès
Paris February 2010: Fauchon
Paris April 2010: Chanel
Paris May 2010: Eres
Paris September 2010: Le Printemps
Paris October 2010: Moschino
London November 2010: Selfridges

Paris December 2010: Repetto
Paris January 2011: Chanel

Paris April 2011: Le PrintempsNew York May 2011: Bergdorf
New York May 2011: Tiffany
Paris September 2011: Louis Vuitton

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Chicismicis a dit…

Elles sont toutes Magnifiques!

Very creative post!


Hat Lady a dit…

Felicidades Anne; consombrero cumplió 3 el sábado.

Dolce a dit…

Felicitations ! C'est toujours un plaisir de te lire !!

ParisBreakfasts a dit…

I am happy to say I shot Nov 09, Oct 10, April 11 by your side!
Merci beaucoup & bonne anniversaire

Diminoucha by Ann Cat a dit…

Bon Anniversaire !! Bravo pour ce blog que je suis depuis un moment !!