13 juin 2011

Welcome to Ralph Lauren Soho

Let's go back to NYC, after a short break in Madrid! Welcome to the Soho Ralph Lauren store...
On one side of the facade, everything was white and gold.

Vintage and white decoration to display the clothes...the Summer spirit of Ralph Lauren was there.

The volume of each space was perfectly used. Some mannequins were high situated, others were standing and others were sitting down.

The same Summer white relaxed spirit was created inside. Every space matches so well!

On the other side of the facade, the windows paid a tribute to man clothes. Many accessories were brought here to display the clothes in a different atmosphere.

Even the bags are on the air! They can't be missed! I really felt the Ralph Lauren atmosphere while I was shooting at these windows in Soho. Unfortunately, I never fell the same spirit when I catch the Ralph Lauren windows in Paris.

Ralph Lauren - Soho NYC - May 2011

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