6 juin 2011

Welcome to American Girl

Welcome back to American Girl in NYC! I haven't gone to this store for three years and it always as fun as it was. Let's take a tour together... First of all, let's go to my favorite place: the doll hair salon. I'm amazed! As we, French people, say " that just can happen in the USA" We can't imagine that kind of salon in France! Girls were waiting in line to have their dolls do their hair. Fabulous! I'm a big fan !
And, the prices are not so bad! It's hard to work on this tiny hair! All the styles are proposed and there is also piercing and special pampering. What else could you want for your doll?

Of course, after the hair, the dolls need fashion shoes...So, from head to toe, you can find everything that will make your doll adorable. It looks like a real shoe store with all the different boxes.
For the Summer, you can enjoy the new doll Kanani and all her wardrobe. By the way, girls can also be dressed like their dolls.
Before leaving, choose your favorite doll! Hope you enjoyed the tour as I did with my friends. Why does American Girl come to Paris? More NYC windows...tomorrow!
American Girl - NYC May 2011

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ParisBreakfasts a dit…

mon dieu
Je le dedest ca!!!

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Hola Ana,
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