24 juin 2011

Louis Vuitton NYC

Louis Vuitton - NYC - May 2011

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Dolce a dit…

C'est juste a cote de mon bureau ! Je pense a toi a chaque fois que je passe devant chez eux et/ou devant chez Bergdorf Goodman (super vitrines en ce moment meme apres la retrospective Alexander McQueen!)

ParisBreakfasts a dit…

so funny
Vuitton is really into animals in their vitrines...the zebras in Paris too

isabel a dit…

¡¡Genial!! En mis comienzos con la tienda hize uno para Pascua y ganamos un premio de Cámara de Comercio.
Por supuesto no intento compararme, (mis posibilidades son las que son, pero me lo ha recordado).
Besos desde Estella.

Isabel Bianchi a dit…

Hi! I´ve just discovered your blog thanks to Trendencias blog and its report of the Fashion Blogs Conference in Spain, and I just love it!! I´m pasionate too about the fashion window shopping, and now that I live in London, this is like my small paradise! hehe! I´m always with my camera taking pictures to all the fancy shops in Bond Street, Sloane Street... everywhere!!
Nice to meet you!!