27 mai 2010

Soleil aux Galeries Lafayette

Bain de soleil..maillots de bain....paréos, chapeaux de paille, tout est réuni aux Galeries Lafayette pour un été chaud, sur fond de tableaux.
Swimming costumes, sun hats, turbans, everything is in the Galeries Lafayette windows, ready to be used on the beach. And, look at this piece of art on the back.

Galeries Lafayette - Bain de soleil - Paris - May 2010

1 commentaire:

ParisBreakfasts a dit…

Well I have to take back my former statement of complete adoration of Paris vitrines.
These seem far too stark to me.
The contrast of the barely clothed figures against the vast flat painted area is just too, too stark and abrasive...unfriendly almost.
The super high heels, the wide leather belt-none of it looks very relaxing or fun.
More dominitrix than beachy mermaid IMHO.