14 déc. 2009

L'interview chez Fortnum and Mason

Paul Symes worked at Selfridges for 12 years. Then, he started at Fortnum & Mason as a free lance consultant. Little by little, he took this position three years ago.
1- What’s a window for you ?
A window is like a painting ; it’s a one thing.
You stop and you think in front of a great display. It’s not an education ; it’s just beautiful !
2- Is there any special way to create a window in London ?
I could say that here we are allowed to choose. None tells us what we have to put in a window.
We show people what they can expect inside the store instead of showing everything.
3- Where do you find your inspiration ?
Most of the inspiration comes from natural thinking. Last Spring, I thought of flowers eating a pie because of its form ! We also have team meetings to share our ideas. Things become bigger!
4- What’s your favorite season to create windows ?
I love Fall ! There are many colors and changes. The evenings become darker and creating windows makes people feel warm. It’s a magic season !

5- What windows are you fan of ?
I like Bergdorf displays for the details, Barneys for the humor and Selfridges for fun. I also like Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, Galeries Lafayette and many boutiques in Paris.
6- What’s the trend for the holiday windows ?
I think it’s less about saving ! Holiday windows display more things ; there is more opulence and accumulation.
7- So, lets’ talk about Fortnum & Mason holiday windows…
We decided the theme of this year together with three other people in charge of other areas of the store. The best way for us to interprete the trends was the story of the Swan Lake. Every year, we create six windows that explain a traditional story. Then, we also find this story inside the store.This year, you can find feathers inside to go on with the window story. We started working on this theme one year ago !
8- What do you enjoy the most in your job ?
I enjoy setting in a window, with no phone and no meetings, doing groups. I like dressing windows ; it’s my best therapy !

Thank you Paul for this fabulous interview. I can’t wait for seeing the Spring windows…

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ParisBreakfasts a dit…

Onlky the Brits can swan around like this...
did they invent the ballet Swan Lake?
Probably the Russe et apres les francaises..
mais c'est les Brits qui own the swan IMO.